Recharge Your Creative Battery With Community Exposure & Confidence

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For artists, writers, web designers, illustrators and other creative types, sometimes our design visions “runneth over.” However, you may sometimes find yourself staying organized and getting your creative juices going when it means getting ourselves out there in the community. These tips will help bring your creative juices alive from the studio, to your clients and customers:

1. Start Off the New Year by Getting Organized. Creative types often get accused of having their head in the clouds when it comes to organization and the business side of the profession. Prove them wrong this year by getting some organizational systems down.

Commit to scheduled tasks. If you want to get your work out to the public, dedicate a few hours mid-month to discovering what’s ahead on the creative community agenda. This might simply mean you attend a community event to introduce yourself to new faces. You can also make a monthly list of galleries, coffee shops, bars and other public places you’ll contact to talk about showing your art, web design services, or content writing skills. To make the task of scheduling feel less mundane and more inspirational, download an iStock Photo calendar to keep the creative juices flowing. Your calendar can help build confidence when you look back to see all of the new connections you’ve been able to make.

2. Discover New Creative Online Outlets and Find New Customers and Clients. Maybe you’ve already tested out the waters on Etsy or Ebay, but still aren’t attracting the audience you’d like with your artwork. Have you considered featuring your work in an online forum that specializes in featuring artists? If you’re a painter or illustrator, you might find that not only does your work get a bit more traffic, but you’ll also be able to interact with other creative types.

  • Cool new services such as Turning Art allow artists of all types to submit their work for subscribers to rent. This allows artists to get their work in the hands of countless people anywhere in the country.
  • We Work Remotely is an interactive tool, allowing web designers to connect with other creative minds, while also posting their work to commission new job prospects.
  • If your work is multi-faceted, part web-design, or half artistic-half writing, consider interacting with the Mashable job board. This board offers a variety of discussions and links that can help boost your creative juices while introducing you to a countless number of potential new clients and customers.

3. Learn How to Unleash Creativity by Boosting Personal Confidence. David Kelley, author and speaker on creativity says that everyone has the potential for tapping their creative sides- it’s about learning new systems and how to tap into your confidence surrounding your creative talents. As noted on, Kelley says that story telling and understanding more about how our behavior is driven through art can help spark our creative confidence. Ready to boost your visions? Try an inspirational TED talk as a resource to get your creative side going.

nomJams, 2013: Part 2

I really had fun putting together the last nomJams 2013 mixtape and figured there was so much I left out that I should make a follow-up! Enjoy!

nomJams, 2013: Part 2 from nomBat on 8tracks Radio.

  1. “Invisible” – Dismemberment Plan from Uncanny Valley
  2. “Californiyeah” – !!! from THR!!!LER
  3. “Blow My Mind” – Sasha Go Hard from Round 3
  4. “Wanderlust” – The Weeknd from Kissland
  5. “Retrograde” – James Blake from Overgrown
  6. “24 Hours” – Sky Ferreira from Night Time, My Time
  7. “Porno” – Arcade Fire from Reflektor
  8. “Spa Day” – Le1f from Fly Zone
  9. “Lungs” – CHVRCHES from The Bones Of What You Believe
  10. “Here We Go Again” – Johnny Stimson
  11. “Bring the Noize” – M.I.A. from Matangi
  12. “Ingenue” – Atoms for Peace from Amok
  13. “Will Calls (Diplo Remix)” – Grizzly Bear from Shields: B-sides
  14. “Barely Legal” – Azealia Banks
  15. “Always Forever” – Cults from Static
  16. “Pacific Rim” – Ramin Djawadi & Tom Morello from Pacific Rim

nomJams, 2013

Music is a big part of my life, especially my design life (which is practically my entire life, but I digress). The right music helps me get into the zone! It’s been an amazing year for music, so, I figured I’d compile a list of my favorite jams from 2013 (so far)!

nomJams, 2013 from nomBat on 8tracks Radio.

  1. “Doin’ It Right” – Daft Punk from Random Access Memories
  2. “Weird Shapes” – Surfer Blood from Pythons
  3. “Trying to Be Cool” – Phoenix from Bankrupt!
  4. “Keep It Coochie” – Cakes Da Killa from The Eulogy
  5. “Let’s Kiss” – Mirage from After Dark 2
  6. “Honey” – Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) from Planta
  7. “January” – Disclosure from Settle
  8. “Q.U.E.E.N.” – Janelle Monáe from The Electric Lady
  9. “Play by Play” Autre Ne Veut from Anxiety
  10. “Let the Groove Get in” – Justin Timberlake from The 20/20 Experience
  11. “Bridge & Tunnel” – Holy Ghost! from Dynamics
  12. “DRIP” – LSDXOXO from MUAH
  13. “Prince’s Prize” – F**k Buttons from Slow Focus
  14. “Drove Me Wild” – Tegan and Sara from Heartthrob
  15. “Flutes” – Hot Chip from Dark & Stormy
  16. “Odd Look” – Kavinsky from OutRun

What do you think, is this one clever thief, or one very clever ad?

I think that this is flawless marketing. It’s fun, it’s engaging and what I especially like is that it doesn’t have anything extra crammed in. I am particularly fond of this video’s sound track… or lack there of.