The Only Three Types of Content

There are only three types of content.

content sketch

Sometimes I feel like I am forcing an idea to be something it isn’t, and I get this feeling like my audience really wants to see something from every angle. When I do this I loose sight of the fact that sometimes a very simple idea (like a cute nomBat) is enough to make great content.

Simple – Content that can be easily shared. This content shouldn’t take any thought on the part of your audience, and should be immediately like/share/retweetable.

Thoughtful – Content that you thought about, and that your audience can take a moment to appreciate.

Complex – Content that is well thought out. This type of content also requires the largest investment on the part of your audience.

Depending on your market, and the audience you are building, you will likely have a mixture of these three types of content. Just remember, your audience has a particular attitude, don’t make them work for something that they don’t want!

Santa Cruz Waves Magazine: Volume 1.2


Issue 2 is out now, and we’re so proud! If you can find one in the wild, pick it up, cuz they go fast!

Spam and Spintax – FAIL

All Blogs have to deal with some level of spam, whether it is the occasional comment that is well “written” and makes it through your spam filter, or thousands of potential comments if you are running with auto approve comments and no filters.

I received this comment today and had to smile because this spammer failed so completely at getting their own spam software to work properly.

spam spintax comment

A spam blog comment that failed to spin before it submitted.

What the heck is that gibberish?

One of the tools that SEO spammers used to use (somewhat effectively) is comment spinning software. The basic format of of the script tells the software to create a unique comment with randomly selected words. As the software reads that script or “SpinTax” it will randomly pick one of the words of phrases within each set of {} brackets.

What is funny about this comment is that their software completely failed at its job and sent me the entire script, leaving their comment looking even spammier than usual. So kudos to this spammer, thanks for making it easy to hit the “Comment is Spam” button.

August 16, 2014


Well, probably should have posted that I was on another SCW Magazine-related hiatus… and the way thing are going, these might be happening more often. I’m renaming these “nomBat Chronicles” so I can be a little looser with the weekly format. If you’d like to keep up with us, on a more regular basis, follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

  • On that SCW Magazine related note, last Friday week we sent Issue #2 to the printers! Our sophomore effort is, in our opinion, leaps and bounds an improvement (and we thought the first one was great)! Will be hitting the streets of Santa Cruz later this month. We’re very excited!
  • Beer Week was a tremendous success and we had loads of fun!
  • Aside from Issue 2, we’ve been handling small things here and there: an ad, an invite, an e-newsletter/blog, whatever we can help with. Now, we’re on to a handful of larger clients and projects, which we’ll be able to talk about once they’re a little further along!

What’s happening with our clients:

  • Friend in Cheeses: Tabitha will be rockin’ it at the Whole Foods’ tent at the San Francisco Street Food Festival! Yummy! Read More
  • Smooth Body Lounge: Join Smooth for a Saturday Hormones Meet, today at 4:00 – 6:00 PM, hosted by Dr. Aimee Shunney and Pure Pleasure’s own Janis Baldwin. Swing by the Lounge for an informative discussion forum about balancing hormones and check out toys and products provided by Santa Cruz’s own Pure Pleasure! Read More
  • Bella Mare Sea Glass: Check out Leslie’s gorgeous jewelry at the Mammoth Festival – Wine, Music, Food & Art, through Sunday, August 17th! Read More
  • Aptos Chamber of Commerce: Join the Chamber, September 11th, for their September Breakfast Meeting. special guest speaker Aptos/La Selva Fire Department Fire Chief Jeff Terpstra. Network with other community and chamber members, hand out promotional materials, hear important safety and government reports all while enjoying a wonderful breakfast! Read More
  • Sea Sniper Baja: Spaces are still available for the Pacific Side excursions and are timing our trips with the arrival of the Groupers on reefs close to the Bay and the Wahoo schools that frequent Thetis Bank and other offshore locations! Read More

To our clients: got an event, or something important to talk about? Let us know and we’ll post it here!